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At Home.
I've never wanted an eventful life. All the things that have happened to me are so far removed from the visions I had growing up. The highest goal I had was to head servantry in a noble household - still a rather low-ranking dream.
Now, this comfortable life is everything I could have asked for and more. To have a family, friends. People to look after, and to look after me.
My daily routine is straightforward enough. Cecil, often doing business in the later hours of the night, is asleep. He came home a couple of hours ago. I kiss his cheek and he swats me away, still asleep, and I get myself up.
Next is Yves. He could easily enough board at his private school, but I enjoy having him at home, and I worry too much anyway. He's quite good at waking himself, for the most part, and his timing is impeccable; I'm finishing up breakfast as he enters the kitchen. A plate for us, a couple of extra sausages for Chip, cat food for my little furballs, and some leftovers incase Cecil wakes before I
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I'm not quite sure how I keep ending up in these situations.
I was just out grocery shopping for tonight's dinner, meaning to meet Yves from school, when I was set upon by a few men.
Annoyingly enough, I was outnumbered and taken by surprise, and after one of them got in a rather dirty hit from behind I was a little stunned and dragged into the building they'd stopped me near.
I wish I wasn't so used to this scenario.
'I don't know what you're after,' I sigh, seeming probably calmer than they expect me to be, 'but you'll not get it.'
'We know who you are,' the man who's seemingly in charge grins, tying my hands with some rather uncomfortable rope, 'don't try to deny it--'
I roll my eyes, looking around the room; a couple of men are outside the door, there's only one in here with me. I assume they're a few low life criminals who fancy themselves as a bit of a gang. Cecil comes across these sort of crooks now and then, but they rarely give him any trouble; it's easy enough for Black Well
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Clark and Ebichu - Festival by daijoubus Clark and Ebichu - Festival :icondaijoubus:daijoubus 4 3 The Reynholms by daijoubus The Reynholms :icondaijoubus:daijoubus 9 5
The chief called me into his office early one morning, and it was with a little confusion that I obliged. I'm usually just left to get on with my work, and have little contact with the higher-ups.
The chief was sitting in his office, looking stressed (as usual), tapping a pencil against his desk as he waited for me to sit.
'I know we agreed that you'd stepped down from dealing with murder enquiries,' he started, and I straightened in my seat, knowing what was coming next, 'but our resources are stretched, and we don't have any detectives experienced enough left to deal with this--'
I resisted the urge to sigh, but made sure he knew how unwilling I was. I made the decision a long time ago to continue with detective work, but only small crimes. I often was questioned about why I never took on any more responsibility.  Truth was, this was simply part time work, meant to fill in time between looking after Black House, my husband and his son. I wanted no part in anything too dangerous
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Bedlam {IV}
 It feels like I'm waiting hours for Cecil's return. It's only been about five minutes, but I'm on edge, every creak, every slight sound making me tense. My knife is in my hand, standing by the body, watching, ready for anything. The heavy door opens suddenly with such terrible groan that I raise my arm, about to strike until Cecil puts up his hands, accompanied by Alastair and one of the hospital wardens. 
 'Calm yourself, darling,' he murmurs reassuringly, and I relax, putting the knife away, ignoring the questioning look I'm receiving from Alastair. The men seems more concerned with me than the body on the floor, though I eventually see his eyes shifting downwards, almost unwillingly. 
 'What happened here?' he asks, voice firm. Cecil responds quicker, stepping closer to me. 
 'Who knows? All we heard was a struggle, by the time we managed to get in it was too late.'
 'Impossible,' Alastair mutters, 'how could anyone have gotten in here
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Ozthus and Alduin by daijoubus Ozthus and Alduin :icondaijoubus:daijoubus 3 0 Inktober 01 by daijoubus Inktober 01 :icondaijoubus:daijoubus 4 0 Clark sketch by daijoubus Clark sketch :icondaijoubus:daijoubus 1 0 Cecil x Lingerie by daijoubus Cecil x Lingerie :icondaijoubus:daijoubus 1 3 Valentine and Kante by daijoubus Valentine and Kante :icondaijoubus:daijoubus 3 3 Poppy and Yves by daijoubus Poppy and Yves :icondaijoubus:daijoubus 3 9 Aquinas and Dallas by daijoubus Aquinas and Dallas :icondaijoubus:daijoubus 3 6
"Du sollst schlafen, Hildy."
I don't really want to oblige, but I don't want to upset Hehl, either. Grudgingly, I allow him to take Poppy from my arms, gurgling in her sleep, and rise from my seat. The nursery is warm, with early afternoon sun spilling through the large window. It makes me yawn, and I realise how tired I am. I'm glad that Cecil and Friedrich came to visit, because they've taken Yves and Kante out on the promise of tea and cake. I worry about all this affecting her.
'Okay,' I sigh, and lean to kiss Hehl's forehead, sparing a last forlorn glance at Otto, who's stirring, a slight cry escaping his parted lips. My heart stops and I move to him, but Hehl is quick and blocks my path, smiling despite himself.
'Schlafen,' he orders, and I nod again, heading out of the room and next door, to where our bed awaits.
I haven't been sleeping well lately, but that's to be expected with newborns, isn't it? The problem is, there's more to it than just that.
My children may not live for
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Frieden and Felix (colour) by daijoubus Frieden and Felix (colour) :icondaijoubus:daijoubus 3 3 Cat Day! by daijoubus Cat Day! :icondaijoubus:daijoubus 3 2




To everyone I have trades open with etc.,

I've had a very up and down year, and my last few months have been super hectic. I've been sick recently and that combined with commissions I've needed to prioritise to make money, AND entering a very busy part of the year at work has really stopped me from getting shit done.

Know I haven't forgotten you and I'm sorry, but I've not been particularly active art wise at all and shaming me on your pages before you've spoken to me is a bit unfair 😓 Obviously the latter note is for a tiny minority but it's a little demoralising when that happens.

Thanks in advance for your understanding ❤
Cecil, Yves and Hilda forcing Dawson and Hehl to go ice skating and the pair of them just hang onto each other, constantly slipping and pulling each other over while the others laugh 👍
Plan was to do a stream tonight, but I finished work 4 hours later than scheduled, and now I'm knackered ;^;
If you're seeing Star Wars this week pls think of the cinema staff who are killing themselves to make sure you have a good time. We're not miracle workers, but we work hard, so please don't take anything that goes wrong out on us. Enjoy it!
I'll add to this when I have more time, but here's a few. Basically, when I'm daydreaming on the bus and listening to music, sometimes an artist or song crops up that just reminds me of a specific TDJ character so I thought I'd share! It's all Japanese lmao sorry that's pm all I listen to <3 They're in no particular order, just the ones I could think of rn (:

Cecil Jackson: (Ito Kashitarou) [Sayonara Dake ga Jinsei da]

Friedrich Dawson: (KK - Kamikita Ken) [Chikyuu no Akichi]

Hehl Reynholm:(Rairu) [Shiwa]

Hilda Dawson: (Kana Nishino) [Anata no Sukina Tokoro]

Otto Reynholm: (Fukase) [NEAR]

Poppy Reynholm: (Kano) [Souzou Forest]

Ebichu Aueru: (Hanatan) [Sekai wa Koi ni Ochiteiru]

Clark: (Sou) [Ijiwaru na Deai]
(less for the voice, more for the MC of the video and context of the song ha)

Aquinas Rex: (CHiCO) [Ai no Scenario]

Yves Jackson: (Ikasan) [Ringo Uri no Utakata Shoujo] (fun fact, both voices in the song are Ikasan)


Dallas Ewe and Hehl Reynholm: (Soraru x MafuMafu) [ZenZenZense | Your Name.]


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