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Bedlam {III}
  I really hate it here. 
 The room is sterile, cold. There's no stimulation, nothing that might affect my mental wellbeing too much. I'm accompanied everywhere I go, kept separate from other patients. I'm especially isolated today because I put another warden in the hospital. What do they expect, trying to force me to take those pills? 
 There's nothing wrong with me. Nothing. I tell myself this over and over again because I truly fear becoming insane. If anything is going to push me over the edge, it's this place. 
 I can hear other patients now and then, their wailing, sobbing. It makes my skin crawl. I stare at the pills in my hand, feeling on edge. I've been locked in this room for three days, and they won't let me out until of my own volition I take them. But I know what they do. They neutralise me, make me placid and compliant. I want my own mind. 
 But I also want to go outside. I want some air, instead of being trapped in this bo
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Bedlam {II}
 When we arrive at the hospital, it's already mid morning. Cecil and I step out of the car and take a brief look around our surroundings; the building looks nice enough, but I can only imagine what it's like inside. A large iron gate sits before us and we let ourselves in, crossing the grounds. Cecil is at the front door first,  and knocks loudly, putting his hands into his pockets as he steps back to wait. 
 'They take their time,' he mutters as we're left waiting a few seconds, until finally the door opens, revealing a tall, older gentlemen in a well-tailored suits, who regards up with some curiosity. 
 'Cecil Jackson, London police,' Cecil introduces without a pause, holding up his badge. I say nothing, but do the same. 
 'We're here to ask a few questions,' Cecil continues, stepping further toward the doorway, letting himself in. I suppress a smile; Cecil is so bold. I love that about him. 
 'Good morning detectives,' the fellow at
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Bedlam {I}
 "How are you feeling today, Mr. Dawson?"
 "The same as always, I suppose."
 "Which is?"
 The doctor keeps his expression unreadable, fixing his glasses on his nose and looking downward to write something in a notebook. I wonder why he bothers; he must write the same thing every day. 
 "You seem agitated, Mr. Dawson."
 "Because you keep asking the same questions. It's annoying."
 "Ah. And that upsets you? Are you angry?"
 "Not particularly."
 "Have you been taking your medication?"
 More notes. The doctor holds out a small bottle of pills, which I reach to take. The chain of the handcuffs that restrain me clatter loudly against the cold steel table between us, making me tsk in irritation. 
 "It's a stronger dosage; the previous pills just weren't cutting it, I'm afraid. You put your warden in the hospital, you know? Make sure you take those, Mr. Dawson. They will help."
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Mortem Christi [XII]
Everything is falling into place, now. I let Cecil's words sink in, while I try to figure a way out of this situation.
'Those children...what happened to them?' I ask, staring at the woman before us, but not expecting her to answer. Impatient, behind me, the man presses his gun to my head again, but I ignore him. He doesn't frighten me.
 'Who knows?' Cecil grimaces, rising from his seat, the gun pressing less firnly to my head as he distracts our captor again, 'abused, sold on? Were patrons of the church given access to them? How holy--'
 I can't bear to listen to any more, so I move quickly, raising my arm and ducking my head to knock the gun out of that man's hands. It goes off, making the woman scream, but the bullet doesn't hit anyone, to my relief.
Once I'm on my feet I kick the gun toward Cecil, who's quick to arm himself with it, pointing it at the fellows who burst into the room at the gunshot.
 In that time, I've pinned our captor to the floor, his arms pinned b
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Mortem Christi [XI] :icondaijoubus:daijoubus 0 4
Yves by daijoubus Yves :icondaijoubus:daijoubus 2 2 Cecil, Yves, Dawson. by daijoubus Cecil, Yves, Dawson. :icondaijoubus:daijoubus 2 2 Palomino x Amria by daijoubus Palomino x Amria :icondaijoubus:daijoubus 3 0 Kampf and Dawson by daijoubus Kampf and Dawson :icondaijoubus:daijoubus 4 0
Mikhail: der Epilog.
 Whenever Cecil and I travel to Berlin, I find a couple of hours to myself, to visit him. 
 It's not been long since my fortieth birthday, and we're in Germany visiting Hehl, Hilda and the children. We're having a lazy morning lie-in, and I'm contently playing with Cecil's hair as he dozes with his head on my chest. Every second with him feels like a lifetime; I can't put into words how happy he makes me. I love him, truly. 
 And though I love him, I'll never forget what I had to lose to find who I believe I was truly meant to be with. 
 'I think I'll go out this afternoon,' I murmur when Cecil wakes. He knows what I mean; he's used to this now, and he's never questioned it. He nods slowly and sits up with a yawn, disappearing into the bathroom. I smile and get up myself, finding something to wear and dressing myself, running a comb through my hair. 
 'I won't be long--'
 'Can I come?' Cecil asks, emerging from the bathroom dressed and
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Mature content
Mikhail: Sechs. :icondaijoubus:daijoubus 0 2
Mature content
Mikhail: Funf. :icondaijoubus:daijoubus 0 2
Mature content
Mikhail: Vier. :icondaijoubus:daijoubus 0 4
Mikhail: drei.
 I spent three years with Mikhail. The men of Faust really didn't seem to care, and I slowly got used to the fact that everyone knew about us. Mikhail was well-liked, and I lived in his shadow, but it suited me fine. I've never been one to need attention; I'm happiest when I blend into the background, and no one can bother me. 
 Mikhail was almost like Faust's mother hen, always taking care of everyone, fretting over us when we got injured, cooking and cleaning. He never complained, even when he worked himself too hard and would crawl into my bed in the late hours, exhausted. 
 'You don't have to do everything, you know,' I chided, giving him a light kiss as he lay beside me, resting my head on his chest, 'I'm sure those men can look after themselves.'
 'I don't mind it,' he replied, and I closed my eyes at the feel of his fingers in my hair, 'I don't really like fighting, so it's the least I can do to be useful--'
 I hid a smile at that; thoug
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Mikhail by daijoubus Mikhail :icondaijoubus:daijoubus 1 0 Mikhail x Dawson (wip) by daijoubus Mikhail x Dawson (wip) :icondaijoubus:daijoubus 3 2




johann when he's older as a police officer
arrests someone -> they go to prison
said someone has a child
johann adopts child and surprises adorno

its 3:30am and I'm watching a tv show with a bloke chatting about avocado ripeness okay then
why isnt tdj an anime I can watch ffs
Stolen from: SlytherinsHeiress

Beyond The Basics in Building Characters
(Or making your 'house' come alive with interesting tchotchkes)

1. Would your character rob a bank if they knew they could get away with it?

  Dawson: I don't think he would, unless for some reason Black-Well was doing something like that (tho tbh I think Cecil is too classy for that bullshit lmao)
  Hilda: NAW.

2. If your character could go back to college (or to college), what would they major in?
 Dawson: History, or literature I think. Something classical, but I think he's more interested in facts. 
 Hilda: Music, most likely! She taught it for a while, but isn't actually qualified outside of a few piano exams she sat. 

3. Did they ever bully anybody in school? Were they ever bullied? How did they react to the bullying or what prompted them to bully someone?

 Dawson: Never bullied anyone, and in school he pretty much kept to himself, so!
 Hilda: Hilda's never bullied anyone, but she did get bullied in school. Bc her family was poorer, and because of her looks. She got Dawson to sort them out tho pfft. 

4. Your character's car breaks down in the middle of nowhere. What do they do?

 Dawson: I can't see Dawson not having planned for such an eventuality. He'd be able to sort it, I imagine.
 Hilda: Probably break it more tbh.

5. Your character needs to go clothes shopping. Where do they go? What do they buy?

 Dawson: A tailor, straight away. Although he doesn't like anything flashy, Franz being a tailor would definitely mean he'd only have clothes that looked good, properly fitted. He's a gentleman!
 Hilda: EVERYWHERE. She loves clothes shopping, particularly when she and Cecil go shopping in London.

6. Oh man! Your character failed a class with flying colors! What class is it and how do they react?

 Dawson: Probably an art class ahah. He'd be so embarrassed. 
 Hilda: Physical Education! She's not very athletic pfft. She'd just laught it off.

7. Your character is given a choice to read Harry Potter or Twilight. Which do they choose and why?
 Dawson: Harry Potter. He'd like the old English context and arcane elements. And he doesn't like vampires. 
 Hilda: For shame, Hilda. Twilight. She loves romance.

8. Your character is given an opportunity to travel to a different time for a week. Where do they go? What do they do?

 Dawson: He'd only go back in time. Probably to when his grandfather was young, mid 1800s? 
 Hilda: God, probably into the near future, 1950s/60s. She'd want to see the fashion. And what her babies get up to haha

9. Your character is to get one super power. What do they choose and why?

 Dawson: He'd like to read minds. He's not great at understanding people. 
 Hilda: She'd want to be able to heal everyone.

10. Your character's boss is coming over for dinner. What do they cook?

 Dawson: A classy, 3 course meal, probably. 
 Hilda: Tea and cake!

11. Does your character believe in the supernatural? Why or why not?

 Dawson + Hilda: Considering they both know and/or love demons/vampires etc., yes. 

12. If your character was to write a book, what would it be about?

 Dawson: Something factual, maybe about the stuff he learned as a detective? I think he'd like to write about being a butler, too. He misses that. 
 Hilda: I can see Hilda writing storybooks for children. 

13. Where would your character take a date? The diner? The opera? 

 Dawson: He'd definitely take Cecil somewhere classy. The theater, dinner and drinks in a fancy bar?
 Hilda: She loves nature, so a picnic in the park or something simple like that. She's not a fan of money, and enjoys simple pleasures. 

14. What's your character's idea of rebellion?

 Dawson: Probbaly being in a gang pfft
 Hilda: Hilda thought she was a rebel for cutting her hair herself when she was sixteen aha.

15. Is your character a trend-setter or trend-follower?

 Dawson: He doesn't exactly follow the crowd, but he dresses in a way that's acceptable in society; like a proper gent, in decent clothes. 
 Hilda: Trend setter, for sure. I think she'd be the first to wear anything new she saw in shop windows or fashion circulars, esp with Hehl spoiling her and Anna making clothes for her too. 

16. Awww, your character is sick! Do they like to be tended to or left alone? At what point would they go to the doctor's?

 Dawson: Dawson's the kind to suffer in silence, not wanting to bother anyone. He'd go eventually, but probably have to be pestered unless it was something rly bad. 
 Hilda: Hilda would pout and whine and feel sorry for herself because it would get her attention from Hehl ngl.

17. Uh-oh. Your character was just canned from their job. How do they handle this?

 Dawson: Not well, I imagine. Dawson hates being embarrassed so something like that would wreck him. 
 Hilda: She'd probably be mad, then get over it and move on pff

18. What is your character's idea of paradise?

 Dawson: Cuba. Cecil. Need I say more? 
 Hilda: Just being at home with Hehl, Kante, Oliver and her babies. Sitting in front of the fire in the middle of winter.

19. What is your character's idea of hell?

 Dawson: Wild Black-Well parties full of socialising, drinking and drugs probably. 
 Hilda: Being without Hehl. A world with no children??

20. So your character has an enemy. What is their past? Why do they hate each other?

 Dawson: Oscar Dalton. The man who forced Dawson to join the Berlin-based gang Faust. Had his grandfather killed, forced him to be Faust's resident hitman, killed his lover, the list goes on...
 Hilda: Idk if Hilda really has any enemies? There are people who don't like here, those she doesn't really like. Tbh I don't even think she sees Clark as an enemy anymore...

21. Describe your character's first kiss.

 Dawson:  Probably either a clumsy encounter with a maid when he was a butler, or, knowing how innocent Dawson was, the first prostitute he slept with when in Faust. Either way, it would be awkward and not particularly satisfying ha. 
 Hilda:  Hilda's kissed a few boys! She's a little flirty so I imagine she'd have had her first kiss in her mid-teens, with some boy she'd had a crush on haha. 

22. Describe your character's bedroom.

 Dawson: Very neat, eveything in its place. Earthy colours, odd bits of antiques (ornaments or furniture). Bookshelves, a desk that would have photos of his family. Cat hair. Neatly made bed at all times. Very little clutter.
 Hilda: Small, very girly. Floral printed bedsheets, light colours, pastels like light greens or blues. A shelf with her diaries, a wardrobe bursting with clothes, a dresser with photos, jewelery, make-up. Probably a little cluttered, a little messy. Warm and cosy all the same. 

23. If your character won the lottery, what would they do with the cash?

 Dawson: Take Cecil and Yves on an expensive holiday. Spoil his cats more. 
 Hilda: Probably donate a lot of it, then spoil the children. 

24. If your character had to donate money to a cause, what would it be?

 Dawson: A local animal shelter or a cattery.
 Hilda: An orphange!

25. Your character's at a bar and there's a jukebox stocked with every kind of music you can think of. Do 
they pick something to be ironic? Or do they pick songs they like? What kind of bar is it? Swanky? Frat 
boy? Hipster dive bar?

 Dawson: Ragtime, always. For Cecil. It would either be a fancy bar, Vincent's place, or just some old pub they were passing haha.
 Hilda: She loves classical music, or anything quite upbeat.

26. If your character were to open a business, what would it be?

 Dawson: He'd make a good private investigator, or a tailor. Can see him owning his own shop. 
 Hilda: A florist, hands down. 

27. Your character finds a bug in their house. What do they do with it?

 Dawson: If it's a spider, freak the fuck out and get Cecil to remove it. 
 Hilda: She's a country girl, she doesn't mind them. She'd just put it back outside!

28. Your character hears strange noises from the basement. What do they do about it?
 Dawson: Take a knife and investigate. 
 Hilda: Just board the door. Never going in there again. 

29. Your character is walking down a dark alley and a person steps out in front of them. What happens next?

 Dawson: Well I mean, he'd ask them to move, and if they gave him trouble? Knife. 
 Hilda: Turn and run. Cry on Hehl. 

30. What's the cruelest thing your character ever did to someone?

 Dawson: Murder them? 
 Hilda: idk she's not really a cruel person? You could say dumping Clark was a bit cruel but he kinda deserved it???

31. What's the kindest thing your character ever did for someone?

 Dawson: Hmm...maybe just looking after Cecil when he's needed it? He's quite a nice person tbh he's often kind?
 Hilda: Likewise with Hilda, but I think when she looked after Hehl when he had his anxiety attack on the ferry, that was pretty sweet. 

32. Your character is falling in love. Do they take things slow or fast? Do they make decisions or do they make a lot of compromises? How secure are they?

 Dawson: He'd take it slow. He's afraid of getting things wrong, or getting hurt. Probably why he and Cecil took so long to get together; he's a bit clumsy when it comes to matters of the heart, not very good at reading people or understanding his own feelings. He was pretty forthcoming in the end though.

 Hilda: Hilda's pretty open with her feelings, with both Clark and Hehl she didn't waste any time in letting them know how she felt. She doesn't mind taking the lead and making decisions and she's very affectionate. She's not that secure, but if she loves someone she's not afraid to show it, even if it means getting her heart broken or making a fool of herself. 

33. Is your character insecure or confident?

 Dawson: Pretty insecure to be honest. He's uncertain of things and easily embarrassed, and doesn't consider himself attractive or particularly useful aha. 
 Hilda: She's nowhere near as insecure as Dawson. She has her hangups, but compared to him she's definitely very confident. 

34. What are your character's workout habits?

 Dawson: Dawson goes for a run every morning, no matter the day or weather. He works out every other day. 
 Hilda: The most exercise she gets is when she goes for walks with Hehl likely. She's not that athletic or sporty. 

35. Does your character like children? Why or why not? How do they react to bratty children? Do they want children of their own? Do they already have children?

 Dawson: He likes children, definitely. He's not great with them, but he loves them anyway. Bratty, screaming kids make him a but nervous. He has an estranged son, 17 y/o Johann, but they don't really get on, more because of Johann's issues. He would have liked more kids, but now he has Yves to take care of. And the orphans of Black House.
 Hilda: Hah. Hilda ADORES children, they're half her reason for living. She's a good mama, would deal with bratty kids properly, and wants kids SO MUCH. After having a miscarriage with Clark, she finally has her twin babies Poppy and Otto (also Clark's but she raises them with Hehl). 

36. Describe your character's ideal wedding.

 Dawson + Hilda: They both had their weddings, and neither are particularly fussy. Idk if Hilda would have chosen to have hers on a boat in Cuba?? But she's definitely not complaining. 

37. Your character gets a new bulldog for Christmas. What would they name it?

 Dawson: Something shit, like Stanley. Pfft. 
 Hilda: Something adoable, like Fluffy. 

38. Your character is applying for college. What kind of a college would they apply to? Tech school? State university? Art school?

 Dawson: Somewhere old, important, high ranking. Like Cambridge etc.
 Hilda: An arts school, she wouldn't mind particularly.

39. What kind of art does your character appreciate? The old masters? Modern art? Impressionism? Or have they no interest in art?

 Dawson:  He's not that clued up on art, but he'd appreciate good, properly detailed paintings. Renaissance stuff?
 Hilda: Ahh she'd like anything, I think Van Gogh would be her cup of tea. Starry nights and sunflowers? Heckyeah!

40. What section of a museum interests your character the most? Dinosaurs? Native Americans? Food court?

 Dawson: Natural history he'd have a big interest in. And anything about how people lived in different times. All history interests him, he'd enjoy going to museums. 
 Hilda: Food court pfft. She's not too clued up on her history, I think she'd like fossils and stuff, but yeah she'd be happier sitting having a cup of tea. 

41. What does your character smell like?

 Dawson: Some sort of expensive cologne and/or tobacco. 
 Hilda: Floral-scented perfumes~

42. What is your character's ideal weather?

 Dawson: He likes the warmth, so he always enjoys going to Cuba to get away from England's pretty miserable weather. He likes swimming and sunbathing, so any time the sun or shining is ideal for him. 
 Hilda: She likes spring; not too hor or too cold, sun is out with a nice breeze? Any kind of weather she could go out or garden in!

43. How well does your character sleep?

 Dawson: Not particularly well. He goes to bed late and wakes up early, and he's a bit of a fitful sleeper. He sleeps better with Cecil around, though. 
 Hilda: Like a log. She'd sleep all day if she could, especially when Hehl's there. I doubt she's often the first awake. 

44. Has your character ever been in a physical fight? Describe what prompted it.

 Dawson: Dawson's been in a LOT of fighs. He was in a gang, is technically part of Black-Well, was a detective. He's fought many people. And he's good at it. 
 Hilda: I don't think she's really been in a fight properly. She's feisty and could probably hold her own? But she most she's ever "fought" would have been with Clark and let's be honest that would have been more one-sided, she didn't stand up for herself much with him.

45. Does your character have any nerdish leanings?

 Dawson: ...idk? He's read a lot of history books and knows far too much about high society, but nothing that nerdy??
 Hilda: She has an extensive knowledge of flowers and flower language??

46. Has your character ever written a story? A song? What was it about? Have they ever painted/drew anything? Describe it if they did.

 Dawson: He's not particularly creative like that; Hilda taught him how to play piano, so he might have dabbled in writing a song or two but nothing much. 
 Hilda: Hilda's written a lot of music, having studied it and taught it. She's good at flower arranging, if that counts?

47. What is your character's handwriting like?
 Dawson: Very very neat. Whether just printing or handwriting; it's one of the reasons Cecil put all the paperwork to him when they were detectives haha
 Hilda: A bit mesy tbh. She writes quickly and a bit all over the place, she doesn't see much point in putting too much effort into that.

48. A typical weekend for your character is like…
 Dawson: Waking early whatever the day, cooking for Cecil and Yves, looking after his cats, relaxing with Cecil, taking him out on a saturday night? He's going to enforce a family day on Sunday just to annoy Cecil and Yves. He has no issues really with Black-Well, but I think he'd enjoy a bit of normality now and then. 
 Hilda: Sleeping in, and spending it with Hehl and the children. I have a feeling Hehl would spoil her by making her breakfast and then she'd feel bad for being lazy. And repeat. 

49. Your character finds a skeleton in the basement. What happens next?

 Dawson: He wouldn't be too freaked, it's Black-Well tbf. God knows what shit's gone down in Black House. 
 Hilda: Yeah no she's boarding that shit back up. 

50. Your character gets the opportunity to have five famous people, living or dead, over for dinner. Who do they pick and why?

 {I gotta think this one over, lemme come back to it later ahahah}

51. What kind of video games does your character play? If your character from a different time, what video games would they play if they lived in the present?

 Dawson: I can't see video games being Dawson's cup of tea at all tbh aha
 Hilda: RPGs!

52. Where was your character on September Eleventh? On the day Neal Armstrong walked on the moon? When President Kennedy was shot? When Pearl Harbor was bombed? Or, if they didn't live during any of these time periods, what significant world event occurred in their lifetime and how did they respond to it?

 Dawson + Hilda: They would have been alive during WW2, maybe some of the events in the 60s there, but the main event they lived through was WW1, as TDJ takes place in 1914. Dawson fought for the British army, and Hilda worked as a nurse for the German army. Both of these were short lives, but they're both scarred by what they saw. 

53. Your character is in a post-apocalyptic world like Cormac McCarthy's The Road and they're allowed to only have one person with them as they struggle to survive. Who would it be and why?

 Dawson: Cecil, because he's his husband. 
 Hilda: Hehl, because he's her husband. 

54. If your character were on a diet, what kind of a diet would they go on? South beach? Atkins? Tape worm? Would they succeed or fail? What kind of a toll would it take on them?

 Dawson: I can't see Dawson trying a diet, but if he did he'd probably be pretty sensible about it. 
 Hilda: Hilda would definitely try all sorts of diets, and probably fail tbh. She's kinda curvy but I think she'd have a complex about her looks being with Hehl, with him looking young and beautiful all the time haha. She wouldn't be stupid about it though, or let it harm her health. 

55. Your character is at a poetry reading. What kind of work would they appreciate? Not appreciate?

 Dawson: He'd just like classic poetry. Wordsworth and all that? Lord Tennyson would be a favourite of his. He wouldn't like anything too modern and different.
 Hilda: She's not that educated, but I think if the subject matter was nature or animals she'd enjoy it. A lot of it might just go over her head...

56. Your character passes a homeless person in the street. Do they give them money or walk past them? Why?

 Dawson: Give money, without a doubt. 
 Hilda: She'd be more likely to see them, then come back with food and tea. 

57. What is your character's favorite holiday? Why?

 Dawson: He loves Cuba, but I think they'd probably take trips to Paris and he'd enjoy that. Anywhere warm, or with interesting history or culture. 
 Hilda: Sunny places, but she also likes when they go to England to visit Cecil and Dawson. She doesn't mind where she is, and I feel like with the twins they wouldn't be able to go away too often, so she wouldn't be too demanding! 

58. If your character could be any character from fiction, who would they be?

 Dawson:  I have a feeling Dawson would read Sherlock Holmes when no one was around. And wonder what it might be like to not be the Watson, for a change.
 Hilda: I think Hilda would like the heroines in Charles Dickens' writing, lots of ladies she could probably identify with, particularly Nancy from Oliver Twist haha. 

59. Your character wants to go on vacation for a week. Where would they go? Why?

 Dawson: How many more times am I going to type 'Cuba'?? He'd like to visit Italy, though, for the architecture and food. 
 Hilda: She'd love to go to Paris. So fashionable! All the cute patisseries! I think she and Cecil need a holiday together. 

60. If your character were to play a professional sport, what would they choose? Why?

 Dawson: He'd be pretty good at all sorts of things I think? Rugby, swimming or anything that needed a bit of physical strength? He'd def. be good at athletics. 
 Hilda: Badminton or tennis?

61. Your character is at the county fair. Where do they go? Beer tent? Games? Rides? 

 Dawson: He'd check out the food, buy some for Cecil and Yves, ingredients for cooking at home. 
 Hilda: Likewise, with cakes. Or flowers. She'd probably enter a flower arranging or baking competition, most likely!

62. How good is their sense of direction? Do they oftentimes get lost or are they good at finding their way around? 

 Dawson: Dawson's pretty good at finding his way, he wouldn't go anywhere without planning it properly, he's too organise for that. 
 Hilda: She's a ditz. She probably gets lost all the time pfft.

63. Is your character good at keeping their checkbook balanced? Have they ever bounced a check? Are they generally pretty good with money? Do they pay their bills on time or do they tend to forget?

 Dawson: He's pretty straightforward and sensible so I can't see him having any trouble with money. He balances the books for Black-Well and looks after their finances, keeps a handle on the money laundering and so on. That sort of thing is his forte. 
 Hilda: She doesn't really need to worry about money with Hehl, but if it was left to her I think she'd be a bit bad with it; she likes to go shopping and can be a little forgetful so...

64. Has your character ever tried sushi? Would they? 

 Dawson: He'd try it, wouldn't like it. 
 Hilda: She's not adventurous enough with her food for that.

65. Your character is going to get one service from a spa. What would they get done?

 Dawson: It's not his cup of tea, but he could use a good massage...
 Hilda: She'd like everything pls. If not, that whole facial and eye cucumbers would be her cup of tea.

66. It's Christmas and your character is going shopping! What do they buy for other people? How much 
do they tend to spend?

 Dawson: He'd spend too much, I think. Expensive fur or clothes for Cecil and Yves, and pampering for his dear Chip. 
 Hilda: She's spoil everyone rotten. Toys for the children, flowers for Cecil, kisses for Hehl (hurhur)

67. Has anybody ever been discriminatory toward your character because of his/her race, gender, religious beliefs? Describe the event and how your character reacted?

 Dawson: Hah, yes. As mentioned, TDJ is set in 1914, and Dawson is a German immigrant living in England. There's a lot of tension and he's been on the receiving end of some discrimination for that. People tend to distrust him. 
 Hilda: Hilda's not really had any bother with that, as she's mainly stayed in Germany. Clark was pretty sexist to her, though. 

68. If your character had a child, what would they name it?

 Dawson: Well he didn't get to name Johann, but that is the sort of name he'd pick. But I also think Heinrich would be high on the light. 
 Hilda: She did! She chose Poppy, and then let Hehl choose Otto!

69. Would your character have a Facebook account? Do they? Why or why not? How often do they update their status? How many friends do they have?

 Dawson: Oh, we'eve joked about this a lot. Dawson's would be full of cat videos and pictures, and he'd harrass Cecil by tagging him in cat memes. 
 Hilda: She'd just share pictures of herself and her big family!

70. Has your character ever trolled a forum? Why or why not?

 Dawson and Hilda: Absolutely not, they'd both be pretty shit with technology anyway. 

71. Your character wants to take some things to Goodwill. How do they decide what to get rid of and what to keep?

 Dawson + Hilda: They'd probably both amass a lot of clothes and stuff and it would be easy for them to get rid of old ones when they'd be getting new ones anyway ha. 

72. It's Halloween. What does your character dress up as? Do they buy candy for trick-or-treaters or do they hide in their house with a sign on the door?

 Dawson:  He'd probably dress up with some encouragement; he'd probably take the orphans of Black House trick or treating :') He'd make a good vampire. 
 Hilda: She'd take the children, but would probably have to get right into Berlin bc I imagine Reynholm Estate is a bit out the way! She's be a cute witch I reckon.

73. What does your character spend the most money on?

 Dawson: Food for the family, presents for Cecil, and stuff for his cats. 
 Hilda: Stuff for the children (clothes and toys) and pretty dresses. 

74. Does your character live by any kind of philosophy?

 Dawson: He just strives to be as much of a gentleman as he can be!
 Hilda: She lives on a code of compassion and empathy. Franz and Anna are avid churchgoers so she's been with them a lot, and she really took on the 'love thy neighbour' thing.

75. Does your character resemble anybody famous?

 Dawson: in TDJ? Idk. IRL? Look up David Gandy. 
 Hilda: I don't know about in the canon of TDJ, again, but Clara Bow is her irl lookalike!


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